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About Manful

Zhejiang Mingfeng Industrial Co.,Ltd

Global automotive cover for 30 years

How time flies! Manful Industrial has been founded for 30 years. 30 years, Manful not only an active participant in the rapid development of global automotive and motorcycle cover, but also an industry leader.

Since 30 years, adhering to the harmony culture value, Manful is determined to be an advanced global manufacturer with hard work, struggle, and high enthusiasm.

Zhejiang Mingfeng Industrial Co., Ltd, founded in 1994, located in Tiantai, Zhejiang noted for fine scenery and harmonious culture attraction, continuing from Tiantai Cangshan Seat Cover Factory, is a professional cover and medical healthy product manufacturer in research, production, and sale. Manful is export-oriented enterprise with 58 million registered capital, which covered over 100000 square meters with 900 associates and the sales volume was achieved as half of billion RMB in 2020.

Adhering to operation principle of learning, innovation, perfect and cooperation, Manful is on a mission to co-development with associates.

Manful has set up R&D team and processes more than 50 proprietary intellectual property rights, which is famous as national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang well-known enterprise, and automotive cover standard draft enterprise.
Manful always focuses on product quality, tighten enforcement of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and set up testing center, which owns dozens of testing equipment.

The main products are automotive covers, motorcycle covers, outdoor accessories covers and medical protection equipment. Products are sold to domestic market and exported to more than 70 countries and regions, such as Europe, America & Japan. Besides, the company has established long-term cooperation with Tencent and other well-known companies in the domestic automotive aftermarket.

Based on the original industry, the company optimizes its structure and enhances its brand influence. On the basis of independent research and development, the company actively cooperates with leading enterprises, famous universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad to develop high-performance fabrics and industrialize its patented technology. Among them, the radiant refrigeration technology strategically cooperated with Ruiling this year has been industrialized. This technology was awarded the "World of Physics" "Top Ten Physical Breakthroughs in the World" in 2017, which realizes zero energy consumption cooling by changing the principle of infrared wavelength, and now has more than 200 domestic and foreign patents. At present, the company will launch a series of cooling and sun protection products for domestic and foreign markets. With the continuous deepening of product development, the company will continue to introduce more green and environmentally friendly products

The company always pays attention to building enterprise culture, integrate the harmony culture into enterprise and then creates the harmonious atmosphere between enterprise and clients, enterprise and society, enterprise and associates.

Standardization, digitization, branding strategy will be put into effect as always. Manful insists on double circular developing direction and is willing to be mutually beneficial with clients.


About Manful

Our Vision: to be global and advance manufacturer

Our Mission: to create value to customers and co-develop with employee

To grow together with new and old customers, and win-win together in harmony.


About Manful

  • 1989
    Tiantai Yongxing wooded craft & rubber factory was set up by Mr.Shen Zhongming in 1989.   
  • 1990
    Changshan seat cushion factory was founded in 1990.  
  • 1994
    On August 28 1994,tiantai mingfeng art craft co.,ltd was founded and Mingfeng was our registered brand. 
  • 1997
    In August 1997,Tiantai mingfeng art craft co.,ltd was renamed to tiantai mingfeng Car accessories co,ltd and started to swift core product to car accessories.  
  • 1998
     In July 1998, tiantai mingfeng car accessories merged stated owned Engine accessories factory,which located in Guoqing scenic spot,Tiantai.
  • 2000
     In May 2000,Tiantai mingfeng car accessories co,ltd. was moved to Guoqing scenic spot.   
  • 2002
    in August 2002,Tiantai mingfeng car aceessories co.,ltd was renamed to Zhejiang Mingfeng Car accessories co.,ltd.
  • 2002
     in August 2002,Tiantai mingfeng car aceessories co.,ltd was renamed to Zhejiang Mingfeng Car accessories co.,ltd.
  • 2020
    On Jan 27 2020,Medical disposable coveralls was introduced to the product category
  • 2020
    On March 10 2020,Zhejiang Mingfeng Car Accessories Co.,ltd. was renamed to Zhejiang Mingfeng Industrial Co.,ltd.


About Manful


About Manful

Our products are exported to many countries

Parters: well-known retailers, Ecom platform, and Long-term relationship with Fortune 500 enterprises like Dupont