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Single ring side cover


Cooling: Efficient radiative cooling, insulating solar energy.

Environmental protection: No additional energy consumption.

Reflection: Reflection, blocking sunlight.

Self-Cleaning: Hydrophobic, oleophoic, antifouling, and easy-cleaning.

Water resistance: The surface has Lotus Leaf Effect, and the fabric is impervious to water

Dust resistance, easy-cleaning: Water-repellent and do not attract dust.

Durability: High anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging.


Product Introduction

The Radi-Cool Fabric is composed of Coating and base fabric. Radi-Cool Fabric can achieve a significant cooling effect with its high infrared emissivity (8μm-13μm) which allows the fabric transmits the heat to cold outer space through atmospheric window, meanwhile, the fabric features a highly solar reflectivity which allows the fabric absorbs solar energy by minimum. Without energy consumption, the cooling process is rapid and efficient.

Product Structure

The product structure is shown in Figure 1, product photo is shown in Figure 2.



Base Fabric

Figure 1: Diagram of Product Structure

Figure 2: Radi-Cool Fabric Photo

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